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Never mind trying to keep a baby quiet after its born. Is Krasinksi some sort of lifelong horror buff who has been waiting to do a film like this his entire career? "Scaredy cat, I think is the technical term," he recently said when asked if he was big into horror. Anyway, as we said, it's a movie about a parent's worst nightmare.

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All members get full and completely free online access to these features.Whether you're looking to date, chat, or just meet up online, tru Mingle has you covered with three browsing options.But what exactly is going on with this cryptic film?Here's a (relatively) spoiler-free examination into what all about. They're a married couple with a few kids (one of them deaf, and actually played by the young deaf actress Millicent Simmonds) who, when the film begins, have been trudging through some sort of postapocalyptic world with few signs of life. There are strange, giant, buglike monsters who hunt based on sound, which means if you make a peep they will hunt you down and kill you. They run upstairs instead of out the front door all the time. Well, I would have taken the batteries out if it was kid?Yet, it's not the work of a horror master, but rather something of a joint passion project of one of Hollywood's most pleasant and affable-seeming couples, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

The kind of actors who, despite varied careers, may always be known to certain audiences as Jim from reunion, while Blunt is totally down for the devil wearing more Prada in a sequel).It's all very mysterious, but it's meant to be. We assume they'll eat you as well, but that is not entirely clear. Yes, that is the basic idea, but this is all very complicated by the fact that Blunt's character is pregnant, and, as anyone familiar with childbirth is aware, that is a process in which it is often very, very difficult to remain quiet in. Can you stop parent-shaming these fictional parents?It's not so much about the "why this happened" but the "how do they survive," it seems. Especially when you're in some strange postapocalyptic world without access to those good drugs. Mostly the characters communicate by sign language and other nonverbal signals. Apparently Krasinski wasn't even much of a casual horror enthusiast even in his youth. Good parents make mistakes all the time, and good parents make bad decisions all the time, and they end up beating themselves up about it enough without random Internet trolls shaming them for it.Since we're a totally free dating site with no fees, we'll never charge you any membership fees or ask for your billing information.That's right: all members get full access without paying a dime.Should parents let their kids see the film just to scare them from making noise for like a week?