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omg those people who came with the solutions b4, answer all these f***ing questions here's what you do for single plalyer ONLY! if you want to unlock the campaigns press the little padlock and put in the serials for the COH original (1):1111-2222-3333-3444-dbf3 COH Opposing Fronts (2 & 3): 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 And thats all you do now good luck gaming single player people =) Good Torrent NO virus. got newest dd lite and mounted all three images in right order. 1st-download the torrent 2nd-open the torrent with iso or daemon tool and mount it 3rd-open setup and put in your serial number 4th-install it, after installation LISTEN CAREFULLY after installation, DO NOT connect to the internet, unplug your internet so that you can't connect it. For those people having problems follow this guy steps, works for me kudos to 0-LSD-0 and remember uninstall everything including save games before starting installation ""0-LSD-0 at 2009-05-16 CET: For those of you having trouble unlocking ALL of the factions, from the original Company of Heroes, and opposing fronts, like Saxondale was having, i've finally found a solution. NS-COHOF_SR-poseden and NS-To V_DC_poseden is detected as virtual device and cannot continue :( how to proceed?!

Then I used an old mds from Co H Opposing fronts, loaded it with Daemon Tools light and cloacked it with Yasu. dnt realize this was just an expansion pack, thought it was COH2, disapointed! original COH and COH: OF missions require a serial to get to unlock, how u get round this? But I have experianced an instant shut down on my old PC due to my graphics card overheating. So I've installed Co H and OF with no problems whatsoever and have been playing the game for months with no problems with validation. i got the exact same problem as saxondale..Spiers ... I tried just installing To V without Co H or OF and the validation worked. Try just do have your internet disconnected to play the game, download the Reloaded crack and it should work just fine but i think that To V is a dissapointment for real and is not worthy all the fuss but the 2 other games are fantastic Saxondale at 2009-04-21 CET: Hmmm.... Install the Tales Of Valour game as normal, and apply the included crack. Go here: H: Tales of Valor [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed Image And download the file archive. i made the host game and when we wanted to join it said different mod. The minute amount of new content they add and yet still call it an expansion is ridiculous. I didnt try MP as my firewall was blocking network access to this game in order for it the crack to work and I dont use Hamachi. thanks a lot :) it happened the fist time while i had all the other COH installed and all the other COHs are no gone, actualy there is no THQ folder in my program files folder.

I've tried the same method I used for Oppossing Forces. I have used the reloaded-crack with validators and the rest, but it wants me to validate opposing fronts anyway. If it asks you where you got the game, just say you bought it. ) If you want to unlock ALL the missions, do exactly as LSD said on page 3.

This new expansion pack mainly brings into play two new factions the British 2nd Army and the German Panzer Elite each with their own new campaign.

This means lots of new weapons, vehicles and tactics for you to get your teeth into.

A fully cracked release should follow soon to lay the smack down on the Secu ROM prot. Anyway you can download and enjoy this PROCYON release and when the cracked version comes you can simply leech the crack instead of downloading the whole image again. BTW i find it a little strange the game publishers would include copy protection scheme for this add on when the original game had no copy protection at all! Update: Some are reporting that you need a real online account to get this working. I would suggest you wait until it has been confirmed or denied that you can actually play this release or hold tight for another version.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that RELOADED will crack it. Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Company of Heroes series.

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I have tried blocking it with a firewall or totally unplugging the lan cable but I still get the same error. Please help @sapient It's NOT an addon, it's the core-game(data) the addons. I'm new at all this so i dont understand rarely anything...

You would have the same game if you start with 1.0 and patched to 2.5 and then added the cd-key for To V. COH original (1):1111-2222-3333-3444-dbf3 COH Opposing Fronts (2 & 3): 4825-03cf-668e-1765-fd43 And that's all. "" I have been able to start the game and unlock the campaigns thanks to russxi's guide (I had to disable my internet connection for it to work, otherwise it offers me to create an account, which I don't think I should do! However, despite using a No-DVD (the latest uploaded here the game asks me for the Opposing Fronts DVD everytime I start it afterwards. so if its possible can u give me step by step instruction on how to install this game and also to play it cause all its giving me is "rld-cohe" files. So, if you add previous game cd-keys and you can unlock other games content in this game? help i copied all crack files and when i started it asked me for cd,steam,product validation i tried retail store but it say could not verify media. whe i started the game without the crack it ask me to log in but i dont have an coh account can somebody help me?

In typical fashion for this group the NFO doesn’t really include much information except for how to install and play (at least there is none of their typical normal ramblings) which is a little annoying as i think they have left out a few steps.