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The essence of RV Boondocking is camping in a wilderness setting and enjoying the magic of mother nature...

...while leaving the campgrounds (and the distractions) behind.

Camping without campground hookups is what RVs were originally designed to do.

Before the invention of the campground, everyone who camped went boondocking.

Also, trees and overhanging branches on some roads can be a problem for larger rigs.

If you are using satellite TV or RV satellite internet you'll need a clear view of the southern sky, which can be hard to come by in a dense forest.

It may be more work, however the rewards of finding a picture perfect campsite along an alpine meadow, mountain overlook, or just amidst a beautiful forest can make it all worthwhile.

Over 550 National Wildlife Refuges and thousands of wetlands are managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Hunting is often permitted on these lands so you may want to avoid RV boondocking during hunting season.The Corps of Engineers oversee 12 million acres of land and water in over 2,500 recreation areas.Fishing, boating, and swimming are popular activities.The first RVs were quite barebones, without many of the features found today, and they happily boondocked with them.Today's RVs are much better equipped for boondocking, and much more comfortable.Finding a place to camp in a national forest can be more challenging than on BLM land.