Intelegent dating

I meet him online in a sissy chat room we chat for a week or so and one night he says he has a new softwere program that is faster in chat and he asked me to install it .

he uses the softwear program teamviewer to get into my computer and findout all my secrets , once i installed it he got on line with me and he made me watch as he added him self as the adminstraighter and he told me the computer was going to go to black screen for about 20 mins and for me to take a shower and shave really close and get dressed femine , in the mean time he added programs like keylogger , spy softwear, parental control softwear, mint.

Do not delete completely off-topic photos or I may ban you. Boys on the other hand should be worshipped from day 1.

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I went to my room which was right next to where Mike was drinking his coffee and left the door wide open. I saw him peeping his head when I was completely naked and then got enough courage to say;"You could come in if you'd like"Mike was infuriated by this, stomping in and asking me if I thought he was a fag, which I replied of course with no. I felt the texture of his jeans and his cold belt buckle ride up and down my ass as he forced my head down onto my bed."Imma make YOU the fag," he whispered in my ear.When I thought he was about to rape me, he pulled my hair and forced me down to his unopened zipper.I despice females so much that I would gladly donate my unborn daughterÅ› life for a minute of a manÅ› pleasure. Rape, Snuff style, forced, crying, mean, and just plan pissed off.(a Nd o N). " it belongs here.(if its not, you should download it while you can) "Girl, you might want to spraypaint that safeword on the wall, your gunna get confused"STRIGHT ONLY! (you will be banned) Women & young girl being humiliated & abused by other men and women. I put out an ad on craigslist, saying "looking to get dick sucked, nothing more" and I ended up getting an email from this guy in his 30's. And he wanted to meet behind Wal-Mart (It's secluded, and has woody areas behind our Wal-Mart) And so I get there, and made sure I was hard first, and then he tells me, I want to get fucked.Male pleasure is everythign to me and even though I'm ultimately not gay. Crying and screaming pics and Videos and prefered but not necessary. So I said, I was looking to get my cock sucked, nothing more bro.Young women being in used in ways they dont want to be.

From being forced into whoring, and fucked, home invasion, slavery and incest it's about time theses little bitches learnt that it's a Man's world.

Look at the uploads, get a feel for the group, add the Man's world moniker then spray your mind filth all over it.

No gay (men), no oldies everything else is up to you.

This will be a heavily moderated (by me) group of very hot bdsm photos.

Bondage, humiliation, notepad slut, piss play, rimming, pain, rough sex, forced sex, caging, and bukkake are especially welcome. I will delete all photos that I do not consider to be at least "7" on a 1-10 scale.

My bulge was showing when I answered it and the man immediately looked at it then looked at me with a slight grin. "name's Mike."Mike had a dark moustachem straggly hair and stood about 6 ft 4. Since it was gonna take a couple minutes and I was really horny I invited him in for a cup of coffee, he agreed.