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Rather, the African experience is said to be characterized by coexistence of parallel positions, overlapping roles, and cross gender cooperation.

Amongst the Mossi peoples, women's inheritance of family land and possessions, while uncommon, is possible.

In the 1970s, Ivory Coast was considered the economic leader of West Africa, but since the 1990s, poverty and conflict have increased, at times affecting women disproportionately.

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Ethnic and cultural groups defined women's status in different ways on the eve of colonialism, with beliefs about the role of women in society partly the result of specific ethnic background and historical circumstance.

It has been argued that Ivorian cultures largely had a cultural bias against equality between the sexes, embodied in customary law and codified in the colonial period.

53.1% of males can read and write and only 32.5% of females can read and write.

This shows that more than half of men can read, and less than half of women can read.

By doing this, the child labor would lessen, but at least they’ll have a good education and in the future, they’re more likely to have a job.

This will make the citizens of Africa’s lives much easier in terms of finances and education.In almost every country in the world, men are put above women.Although this case is not true for every country, it applies to most of the world.Gender equality is an issue that is being developed and is essential for women and men to participate equally in society and in the economy.An organization called the World’s Bank’s Africa Region Gender is dedicated to improving the lives of women and men by supporting government partners with knowledge and finance. How can we make sure that both males and females in Ivory Coast have the same level of education?Their social roles and opportunities have changed since the time of French colonialism.