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Dogs should be considered an important member of your family and as such you need to buy the best you can find.

This means avoiding pet shops, internet puppies-for-sale sites and puppy brokers who import puppies for resale from Europe and various States in the USA. Breeders listed on this site are pre-screened club members who clear the parents of each litter by a cardiologist and ophthalmologist. All breeders listed on this website reside in the Northeast Region and are members in good standing of both CKCSC and CNE.

Click above to see an adorable video of puppies nursing.

This East Coast Cavalier Breeders site is part of Cavaliers of the Northeast (CNE), a regional Club of CKCSC, USA, Inc. Not just ANY breeder can list their puppies on this Cavalier Club sponsored puppy and adult referral website.

CNE does not endorse or recommend any one breeder over another.

Buyers are urged to read the contents of this website and make an educated decision as to which breeder and puppy to choose.Please review and discuss with breeders, the CKCSC, USA's Recommended Health testing Guidelines.Then spend a little time visiting breeders, and their dogs, to observe the temperaments of the dogs and how they are cared for.If you are unable to find a Cavalier puppy, please consider adopting a Cavalier Rescue dog.Google: Cavalier Rescue USA or click here: Cavalier Rescue USA to view all the available rescue dogs in the Northeast Region.Do not limit your visits to breeders close by - it could be that the best puppy for you is a few States away.