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Before people were able to Tweet their latest thoughts or life-altering epiphanies there was still Myspace.

And it’s safe to assume at the beginning of My Space’s Internet onslaught, no one saw Facebook, Spotify or Twitter becoming what they are now. Will people return to a site that’s not really considered cool or happening anymore?And yes I used the word “happening,” as the newest group of slang words which signify prominence can easily elude you as you grow older.As other social sites perpetually improved their music offerings and combined it with dollops of technological sophistication, Myspace kind of fell into a cavernous hole of complacency.Of course this was slightly before the time that most people knew just how fast social network sites could come and go.Then all of a sudden everything went black for the social networking company, and Myspace quickly went from a trendy happening-now company, to a non-trendy remember-when company.

Last year Myspace was sold to the advertising group Specific Media for about million, and since then mum's been the word when it came to just how the social site would be reinventing itself.

Myspace's privacy policy promised it would not share users personally identifiable information, or use such information in a way that was inconsistent with the purpose for which it was submitted, without first giving notice to users and receiving their permission to do so.

The privacy policy also promised that the information used to customize ads would not individually identify users to third parties and would not share non-anonymized browsing activity.

It even brings up the picture profile of the listener so you can visit their page and communicate with them if you choose.

In addition, it seems like Myspace has fully conceded to the new generation of social sites, as it suggests you log in by using your Facebook and Twitter information.

A user's profile publicly discloses his or her age, gender, profile picture (if the user chooses to include one), display name, and, by default, the user's full name.