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The major principal cast members are Rockmond Dunbar (Kenny), Darrin Dewitt Henson (Lem), Aaron Meeks (Ahmad), Nicole Ari Parker (Teri), Malinda Williams (Bird) and Vanessa A. Recurring cast members include Boris Kodjoe (Damon) and Irma P. The opening theme song -- "The Way Love Goes"—is composed by Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Al Green, and performed by Green himself.The Joseph family celebrates the birth of Bird and Lem’s son Jeremiah.

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The ANRI company today is run by Thomas Riffeser, and still remains in the same family.As the series premieres, six months have passed since the events of the 1997 motion picture upon which the series is based.When Anton Adolf Riffeser took over in 1945, he transformed the ANRI company, adopting a more industrial model which allowed for better quality control and distribution to new markets.He was followed by Ernst Riffeser who was able to enlist the services of many well known artists including Juan Ferràndiz, Sarah Kay and others.Having been passed over for partnership, Teri is determined to prevail in the airline lawsuit.

Kenny finds himself attracted to his new assistant Lila (Nicki Micheaux). After a girl from the neighborhood is struck by a speeding car, Maxine begins a crusade to have speed bumps installed on the block, much to the annoyance of her local alderman (Kimberly Scott).Tensions and mixed feelings linger between Teri and Miles.Unemployed and desperate for money, Lem begins working as a courier for his drug-dealing cousin Franco (Richard Chevolleau).Maxine befriends one of the only other African-American parents from Ahmad’s school. With Lem out of work again, he decides to help Kenny at Chadway Towing; the two become embroiled in a dangerous conflict with a rival towing company. Hardy Lester tries to avoid the court order awarding 50% ownership of the grocery store to the sisters.Teri & Damon are mugged by a man who was Teri's class mate in highschool.He created his own models which he distributed successfully, mainly in the Alpine region.