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Wright has also been a defendant himself at least three times in his life, each time hiring a different lawyer (including representing himself). He once told Apollo Justice that he was raised in a barn, in order to explain the untidiness of his hospital bed, although he was most likely joking about this.

At one point in his life, Wright broke into a cattle ranch and tipped some cows.

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The article said that prosecutor Miles Edgeworth was suspected of tampering with witnesses and fabricating evidence.Edgeworth had become a ruthless prosecutor, unrecognizable from the Edgeworth that Wright knew from his childhood.She had stolen poisonous chemicals from his lab before, and now some chemicals were missing again.Horrified by Swallow's blasphemous statements, Wright pushed him onto the ground, and Swallow fell onto his umbrella, breaking it.Meanwhile, Hawthorne was convicted and sentenced to death.

After receiving his law degree, Wright became a pupil of Mia Fey and a member of Fey & Co. In his first case, he successfully defended his childhood friend, Larry Butz.

Fey eventually showed that Hawthorne had originally intended to kill Wright by poisoning his cold medicine, but after seeing Wright's encounter with Swallow, she had changed her plan and killed Swallow instead, intending to frame Wright.

Wright got a not-guilty verdict, but he still couldn't believe that Hawthorne had betrayed him, and even suggested that the Dahlia Hawthorne he saw in that courtroom had been a fake. Fey's defense of Wright inspired him to pursue law full-time, and he came to receive his attorney's badge with number 26381.

Wright could take no more of this and ran out of the courtroom.

By the time he was forced back inside, he had eaten the necklace.

They subsequently began to date, though in all subsequent meetings and unbeknown to Wright, "Dahlia" was really Iris, Dahlia's twin sister who was posing as her.