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This Remington Model 11, 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun is original and correct as issued for World War II, minus the barrel .

Serial numbers match on receiver, tang, trigger assembly, and stock (As far as I know all barrels should be marked with a US and Ordnance bomb as well as serial number, this examples is not marked with either - Click here for example).

What happens when you combine over 35 years of research and development with feedback from the most demanding military end users? While it may share the same iconic look and legendary reliability of legacy Barrett firearms, that is where the similarities end.

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The Model 11 is the most common WWII shotgun encountered today.

The long barrel version was commonly used for target practice in training aerial gunners and keeping officers occupied as clay sport shooting had become very popular during this time frame. Canfield on his assistance to CGS regarding this subject matter.

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