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Red carpet coverage will begin in the lead-up to the awards show, before stars such as Elton John and Miley Cyrus take the stage at the New York City ceremony.

The 2018 Grammys also marks the show’s return to the Big Apple after it moved to Los Angeles in 2004.

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Key executives have called on artists and employees to wear a white rose on Sunday in support of “Time’s Up,” the anti-harassment group.

Among those artists who already have confirmed they will wear the rose include Dua Lipa and Halsey, who recently read an emotional poem detailing sexual abuse at a Women’s March rally.

The music industry hasn’t been rocked with as many public allegations of sexual misconduct as Hollywood, but insiders still are seeking to show solidarity with the #Me Too movement.

Music mogul Russell Simmons is perhaps the biggest artist in the industry to be named: 15 women have accused Simmons of sexual misconduct, though the producer has denied all claims, People reported.

"Our thoughts today are with Mrs Horbury and her family, and hope her journey of recovery and rehabilitation continues.

He always told me I was beautiful and I'm fit on the physical side and I can talk to anyone and have to in my profession anyway.I did nothing wrong but she spun a lies and gas lighted some of them so maybe there is peer pressure and a small community. I hadn't seen her for a year and I did not such thing ever. She worked in the court system, been arrested for car theft during her episode, out in an institution for 6 mos.Gorgeous woman but...was 'everybody's' if you know what I mean.Makes me feel angry, so Im guessing how you might feel about it Yes I have suffered a lot and yes a bunch of adults.The whole thing was ludicrous and such a shock; thank goodness for cameras in her office and the area surrounding as it cleared me but she tells people that she called 911 to her office because..thing her office also records every incoming call as well, so although I was cleared in 30 minutes the fall-out socially has been very painful and such a shock.JAY-Z LEADS GRAMMY NOMINATIONS WITH 8 Alessia Cara, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Julia Michaels and SZA are up for Best New Artist.