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Birds have long thought to be associated with otherworldly powers - not other planetary but other worldly, as in the spirit world.

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Should a bird get access to the interior of a home with no visible means of entry, the superstition is that it is equivocal to an intruder alarm tuned to sense death itself going off.There is no one source of the 'bird flying into house equals death' wives' tale, but it is a common enough superstition [email protected] Ocean- I think crows live in cemetries because of the particular mature trees found in cemetries and you can't really connect a death four months later.A bird came into my house a year ago and no one ever died.5-21 I have some fantastic outfits that I couldn’t find in the brick and mortar stores and at a ridiculous cheap price which is Why I Love Ebay.

See the outfits and learn a few shopping secrets and if you haven’t shopped Ebay before (or in the last 12 months), then here’s a off coupon.A sudden rapping at the window of the sick room causes a start and those in the room turn to see a black crow sitting on the sill, tap, tap, tapping at the glass. Eventually the crow flies off, but not before leaving the concerned family members with a chilling superstition that their loved one is doomed to die.The variations on this theme are many, but all fairly consistent; a bird tries or succeeds to get into a home, and this is considered a sign of imminent death.Her recent trip to the American Midwest confirms that women on the street have lost all sense of style.Don’t be one of them Now don’t miss Tasi’s latest article on TG Forum. the chic alternative to the LBD and all things black 4-15 Read about the future of Sister House in Tasi’s Housemistress column below In case you missed it, Tasi talks about How To Make Floral Prints Work For You on TG Forum.Birds, being creatures of the outdoors and mainly shy of man to boot, do not typically try to get inside a dwelling.