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It's possible to move a tag to a different version of a file, or to remove it completely from a file.If you update a working copy checked out to a tag, CVS will recover the appropriate versions of any files.

It’s 43 new features and countless bug fixes and small improvements.That is a new record for us in a single sprint delivery.This is part of what caused us to be more cautious during Thanksgiving week.We are also spending time now really looking at all the incidents we had, root causing them and figuring out how not to have it happen again. We’re working to adjust processes to catch issues earlier.You can read the release notes for the sprint 126/Connect(); releases to get all the details.

The thing that should probably most jump out at you is how much there is.

In the latter, a branch comes into existence briefly and is abandoned once it has served its purpose.

The obvious use of a long-term branch is to track software releases.

We may have marked points on that history using tags for easy recovery, but at any point in time there's only one corresponding version of each file in the project.

CVS permits a more complex arrangement than this, however. Instead of a single line of history on the HEAD, we have HEAD and another branch.

As seen above, it's perfectly possible to have multiple working copies checked out of CVS at the same time.